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2019 Single Mom Coretta Braithwaite of 3 children purchased a 3 bedroom home in Zion, IL. 

2019 Single Mom Deidra Collins of 4 kids purchased a 5 bedroom home in Beach Park, IL. 

2019 Single Mom Tiana Castro of 4 kids purchased a 3 bedroom home in Zion, IL. 

2018 - U.S. House of Representative, 10th District, Congressman Brad Schneider visit TSMRC to listen to the stories of single moms who are working hard to overcome obstacles & model successful blueprints for their children. 

2017 Single Mom Tasha Ellis of 2 kids purchased a 3 bedroom home in Kenosha, WI.  

2016 Single Mom Tiffany Taylor of 6 kids purchased a 5 bedroom home with a pool in the backyard! in Zion, IL. 



Houston TX Vlog

Lansing, MI Vlog

Kenosha, WI Vlog

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