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Dr. Michele Vaughn is the Founder & CEO of the Teen & Single Mother Resource Center, Inc. where the primary mission is to empower single mothers to become a role model to their children through the power of advanced education. Prior to the launch of this non-profit, Dr. Vaughn has eight years of diverse experience in higher education at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL, as a former recruiter and an Associate Dean. She works diligently to make education accessible by partnering with various community agencies to offer GED, ESL & Career Development for a population that was considered least likely to succeed but the most in need.



Much of Dr. Vaughn’s passion in the field of education and human service stems from her own past struggle as a college dropout who was labeled as “just another pregnant teen”. She refused to surrender to the pressures of rejection; suicide and uncertainty by making a decision to complete her education and become a well-equipped role model to her two sons. Today, Dr. Vaughn has earned an Associate of Arts Degree from the College of Lake County, a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Columbia College of Missouri, a Master of Science Degree in Counseling from Capella University, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Argosy University.


“If You Can Birth a Baby, You Can Birth Your Dreams” is Dr. Vaughn’s first authored book. Dr. Vaughn is highly recognized for her drive in the field of higher education and is a nine-time award recipient and well-rounded public speaker. Dr. Vaughn has also collaborated with MTV Networks regarding high school dropouts that included a follow-up appearance on Fox and Friends to discuss the importance of education and the epidemic of high school dropouts.


Through her personal struggles and set-backs as a single mother, it is her hope that the Teen & Single Mother Resource Center, Inc. will inspire other single moms to pursue their purpose through the power of advanced education and home-ownership, thus advancing the entire family and setting a new precedence for academic identity, within the home setting.

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